June 11, 2011

no this moment

there were no pictures taken this week. what started off as a super fun albeit super hot week turned into one down with strep and one down with incisors. and two tired parents.

it's tough to narrow down one particular highlight of the week so here's a short list:

- fresh strawberries from our CSA! the last of them were eaten this morning as compote on our buckwheat pancakes. yums! more about how thankful I am we joined the CSA this year later.

- a new wading pool to enjoy the heat index in - followed shortly (within a few hours) by 102 degree temps from Guthrie. only her second fever ever that I can remember.

- a trip to Muscatine to see Sally Maver's art exhibit Pocketful of Posies

- wednesday night's fever was coupled with a major storm so thursday saw me going to work early while john stayed home with the kids with no power and limited water. best sick day ever!

- why is it that every time I have signed up for extra days on call a kid gets sick? this week i'm on tues, thurs, fri, sat, and sun and last time i had that many laithe had pneumonia. i think it's crap.

- started needle felting! finally! and it's super fun

- hmm i think that might have been it. busy week, no?

tonight everyone is in bed and the windows are open as we're back to chillier weather. the midwest smells so good in the late spring!

i am looking forward to a more mellow week next week. with less laundry. did you know strep can make you barf? me either. good times.

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