May 29, 2011

first and last 2010-2011

I hope to keep this tradition going through the years.

Guthrie on her first day of school:

And Guthrie on her last day of school:these pants were not capris a month ago!

Our little girl is not so little anymore. This has been quite a year for her - I say that and immediately think well, which one hasn't been? But really, she had such a good year in school. We are looking forward to a lowkey summer of swimming lessons, some kindernature classes and camping. And she, strangely enough, is looking forward to a break from school. Which I think is really just kind of weird. All I know is that we're already on summer schedule. No one was in bed before 10 last night-- in fact no one had dinner until 9:30! Yay summer!

there are many things afoot at our house. painting! vegetable gardens! play kitchens!
so excuse my silence for a few more days as I try to find the advil and the stamina to finish things up!


carol said...

she hasn't changed that much - her mouth has been open like that in all of her 'school' pictures!

Teresa said...

Carol, you took the words right out of my mouth - that's exactly what I was going to say. So funny, and now I think it's kind of official that we're going to expect it in her future pictures too!!!


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