May 31, 2011

dirt everywhere

When we moved in here 3 years ago we knew eventually we'd put in some raised beds for vegetable gardening. This year was it! I was getting super stressed out about not having the bulk of my veggies in the ground yet, but this spring has been so weird and we've gotten so much rain and late frost that I need to just relax; we'll be fine. I probably need to just relax anyways, but that's a different blog post.

So we (mostly John) made 4 raised beds for 80 square feet of garden space. For now I think this will be plenty, but I would bet that we might put it more at some point. Originally I wasn't going to put a ton of fill dirt into them because our dirt is actually quite good, but we ended up making the beds with 10 inch boards and a little compost might be good, etc.

1600 lbs of dirt and 18 cubic feet of compost later. . .

The only reason I know how much the dirt weighed is because it was written on the package. It was not helpful information to have while we were hauling it into the backyard.

And now, I've got about a third of it planted with the rest hopefully going in by this weekend- maybe Wednesday if the weather is good. I need a bunch of tomatoes and I'm going to try pepper plants again. We shall see how that goes. And before you go and think I've planted a bunch of dead branches they're actually bean and cucumber supports that I fashioned out of tree branches from a tree John cut down earlier this year. I'll be interested to see how they hold up in the wind. While I'm waiting for the vegetable garden to come in at least I have my little herb garden --- it is going a little crazy with all this rain. It smells wonderful though and look -- flowers on the snap peas! Yay!And as a side note - there is indeed dirt absolutely everywhere. Summer has officially come to our little neck of the woods as there seems to be more mud inside my kitchen door than outside it.

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Teresa said...

Your Grandma Bump would have had a fit if us kids dared to be running in and out of the house all muddy. After all, we had to rinse (grass) off our feet before getting in the pool. I'm so thrilled to know your kids can be kids :)


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