January 17, 2011

on my mind

This morning I was telling Guthrie, in an effort to wake her up, about the snow coming down outside and how some of it had landed in her window bird feeder and what in the world does she think the birds will do about that? I go for the monologue method of waking her up most days. It's better than the yelling method.

A few minutes later she's deciding if she wants to go to the bathroom before she gets dressed and says,

Mommy, I've got one thing on my mind this morning.

Oh really? What is it?

In my mind I'm thinking that birds don't really like bird food in the winter.

You think? We seem to refill your bird feeder a lot.

Well, it's just on my mind.

i heart her.

1 comment:

carol said...

hmmm... that was why she was very interested when I said there were not any birds at my feeder since I changed food. Then she said very loudly, there are chickadees on the feeder!


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