November 2, 2010

ahh four

We have no pictures. There are some on John's phone, but I don't know how to upload them, so I'm just warning you now - no super cute oh-my-gosh she's the cutest four year old ever.

We had the flu.

dang it.

What are the odds of both your parents getting the flu in the wee hours before your birthday?
And then your brother.


But I dragged myself out of the house to take her to Panera (i know. i promise i didn't breathe on anyone.) because she wanted the only baked good she will eat - a Cinnamon Sugar bagel with butter- before school.

She was allowed to open one present before school - a pair of sparkly shoes she's been asking for since at least August. Her little gasp of excitement when she took the lid off the box was so priceless.

Her present after school was a movie we all piled into bed to watch. By this time we were all mostly feeling better, though to be honest we did all pile into the sick bed to watch. We need a guest room I think. Hmm. John had picked out My Neighbor Totoro and she loved it.

Late in the evening we ventured out to meet the grandmas for fancy cake (she chose Oreo) and more presents. Magic wands, diamond rings with buttons for different powers - i'll explain later - this very cool set of pop beads from my aunt that was the first thing she asked for when we got home. I'll try to find a link.

Before bed we finished up the invitations to her birthday party on Saturday. The kind where you invite the whole class and hope only a few people rsvp! Saturday night is the big family shindig with Grandpas and Grandmas and the Big Present.

So, it was a good birthday I think. She asked all day if she is four now. She can't quite grasp why she was three on the 31st and 4 on the 1st. It's ok though, I can't grasp it too well either.

We have a four year old! And we love her so very very much.

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Teresa said...

Can't believe Guthrie is 4 years old already!!


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