October 30, 2010

happy halloween!

In keeping with Iowa tradition we had trick or treating early here.Last year, colossal Fail that it was, made me wary of making Guthrie's costume again. Ever again. But, well, here we were again and she was begging to be The Little Mermaid. My only criteria was no seashell bra. So, my and my sewing machine were at it again. This time with hot pink bridal satin, sequined knit, and pink tulle.

Wednesday night when it was all finished and I asked her to try it on to check the fit one last time she stood in front of our full-length mirror and announced, "Mama, I will wear this trick or treating."

*Heave sigh of relief here.*

Her class went trick or treating to an assisted living facility on Friday so we had kind of a practice run. I didn't get any pictures, but they were a super cute little bunch.

And so tonight went off without a hitch and when she realized we had forgotten to say what we were thankful for around the dinner table (which was the car tonight) she said she was thankful for so much fun trick or treating.

And now - The Little Mermaid in all her glory:

And Laithe? He didn't have much choice this year - but he was the cutest Yoda ever. He ate his lightsaber.
*not to be all braggy braggy, but i am so proud that aside from the clothes underneath the actual costumes everything was mama-made. except the lightsaber - that was daddy-made. i think i might be getting better at this because i only used my seam ripper twice and only sewed one sleeve shut (and inside out, but we don't need to get fussy about it as i was watching Glee at the time and that's obviously a disaster waiting to happen). *

Happy Halloween!


Patty G said...

Nice job, Darah. They are soooo cute in their costumes.

Teresa said...

Great costumes for the most amazing children!! Awesome job, Darah!


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