October 18, 2010


A happy event occurred a few days ago -- someone figured out how to crawl and that crawling means you can get where you want to go!
We are pleasantly surprised at how quickly he's learning to use his body so well. Surprised and vaguely panicked at how much we need to move out of the way. Our house was not so big last time and Guthrie just wasn't so into getting into stuff. What a difference.

We like to set up trails of things for him to follow. Toys, cheerios, in this instance crocheted pumpkins.

Which works until he gets there and realizes mom is still on the other side of the camera and that the camera is big and shiny!

He's pretty pleased with himself and we're finally at an end to the crankies that seem to have plagued him these past couple of weeks. It's crap when your happy little guy is not so happy!
also it pleases me greatly that yet another person in the family looks so good in fall colors.

video coming in the next few days. we're still working on this whole switch to mac thing!

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