October 20, 2010

approaching some sort of edge

Things I've heard this week that I didn't want to:
  • i peed on the floor! again!
  • mom, i think laithe has something in his mouth
  • grandma had a heart attack
  • you'll need to be in the office for that. (ie: sorry about your midday break where you go and nurse your baby and touch base with your 3 year old)
  • well, let's just treat it like it is MRSA
  • i peed in my underwear today but it was ok, i feel ok about this.
  • the cat peed on the carseat - again!
I could probably make that list substantially longer, but I really don't think it'd do me a whole lot of good. Seriously it's been a doosy of a week. Almost everything in the above list has turned out ok though. Heaving a huge sigh of relief for my Grandma who is going to be ok after her 2nd heart attack this weekend. I miss her so much and I hate that we are so far away.

We thought Guthrie had contracted MRSA and found out this morning that it is just a staph infection. The treatment is the same, but it means my house can lose that background smell of bleach. Blech. We'll be taking stock in Princess and the Frog band aids though as we're going through them like mad with 3x a day dressing changes.

I find this whole thing with Guthrie interesting. I've been feeling so distant from her these past few weeks. Laithe is demanding more active attention, we've been so busy with random stuff, we've had a pretty big shift in our family schedule. I feel like all those things have created a sort of blockade we have to go through to get to each other. Which means at the end of the night I bemoan that I haven't had any quality time with her and promise to do better tomorrow. Enter the infection demanding I spend oodles of one on one time with her. Taking care of her body like I haven't had to since she was an infant. Lots of extra cuddle time when the antibiotics she is on make her unable to fall asleep. We watched foodtv until midnight last night. We both learned about pork knuckles. And Guthrie learned to pronounce paella. It was sweet if not exhausting. Before going to the dr. this morning I treated us girls to a trip to Starbucks. Laithe had the courtesy to sleep through girls' morning out. I've missed her immensely.

Life gets insistent sometimes doesn't it? When our lifestyle isn't reflecting our values. It demands that we Pay Attention.

I'm trying to appreciate it this week. This loud and clear command that we slow down and treat ourselves and our loved ones carefully.

Lest we start taking ourselves too seriously: the vet put the cat on Prozac. He's apparently got a case of the Nerves.

If that's not white middle class suburbia I don't know what is.

Here's wishing a peaceful end to the week as it is only Wednesday. And if not, then here's wishing to a bottle of wine and some really good chocolate!

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Patty G said...

Laughing my A off over the cat and Proszac. The rest of the blog is sweet........


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