May 23, 2010


You know it's summer when your daughter gets up on a Sunday morning and asks to go outside before she asks for cartoons. Of course I obliged throwing on the same clothes I wore yesterday and enjoying coffee on the front porch.

You also know it's summer when you wake up on a May morning and it's already 76 degrees in your house and humid. Really, really humid.

I liked the first one better.

This morning was also the first small harvest of strawberries!

Looks like it's going to be another good year for them. I've got my jars ready for freezer jam. You know what I'll be doing for Memorial Day weekend.We've had kind of a weird week. Last Friday to the day before yesterday was just weird. Multiple trips to the doctor for the men in our family. Me going back to work (boo. and more on that later). I'm hesitant to say it's not been a good week because really it's been ok, but it's been just weird.

One really nice thing about the past few weeks is that Guthrie seems to have a renewed interest in her toys. In the Montessori tradition kids do various types of "work" and I've noticed that when she picks out certain toys at home now she is calling what she is doing work. It's pretty cool to watch as there's a definite difference from even a month ago. We're also noticing that she's absorbing so much more at school as they go through different units. Usually when we ask her how school was and what they did she'll say 'good' and 'play'. Now she adds in different things about what kinds of birds they talked about or how she wants to be a firefighter and a teacher.
I'm getting slightly hopeful that we're moving to a different stage with her - maybe out of the frequent tantrums and towards something new.

And I'm pretty excited to announce that we have an official thumbsucker in the family! I was a thumbsucker and was slightly disappointed when Guthrie showed no inclination, although John was relieved. Laithe however seems to be following in my footsteps.
There will be more on Laithe's weird week later on - I'm having a hard time finding time to blog as I just want to be outside with my kiddos these days. It might be a slow summer on the blog-front.

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