February 26, 2010

yep - still cookin'

Today at Target the checker - who is one of our friends - said, "No way, you are not a week overdue. How do you look this good?"

She will be forever near and dear to my heart for that statement. :)

The thing is, though, that I feel really good. While I don't want to do this for a few more weeks, I physically could and it wouldn't be a big deal. And no worries, I won't be doing this for a few more weeks- likely just a few more days. My biggest complaint is that gravity is so strong on this planet. I'm sure when giving birth I'll be more grateful for it, but until then the sensation of getting up from being seated is one I could have a little less of. It feels as though this baby has pitched a tent on my pelvic floor. And well, not to get all Oprah on you, but man my lady parts are all -what the hell?

It's been kind of a weird week full of tremendous ups and lesser ups and slightly downs. The biggest down is that my backup doctor is getting a little nervous. Which is no shocker. At today's appointment there was lots of rubbing of his forehead as he talked to us. Which was kind of cute. Bottom line is that the things you worry about in overdue-ness, amniotic fluid, baby's heartbeat and movements, etc. are all ok. This baby, much like Guthrie, is doing so very well. We are not out of options or time yet though and one of the last statements he made to us was, "Well, it's really your choice."

You have no idea how empowering that statement is for me. There was some other stuff that was less empowering, but I'm choosing to focus on that because I can.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about this late- pregnancy stage is all the stuff I've gotten to do to take good care of myself. Prenatal massages, regular appointments with the chiropractor and then this week 2 acupuncture treatments to stimulate my pressure points. And I got to go see my counselor who has made this journey with me since after Guthrie's birth. No wonder I feel good.

Total highlight of the week though -- I went to see my midwives who are rapidly becoming two of my most favorite people in the world and they both did an internal exam to see how my cervix is doing. Well, it's doing good, I'm sure you were dying to know! For those of you interested the official numbers I'm 2 cm dilated, 75% effaced and baby's head is at -2.
Here's the best thing ever though- as each one examined me and kind of massaged around I felt a huge kick from the baby -- because it got poked in the head! Seriously. You can touch my baby's head right now.

I still kind of can't wrap my brain around it.

And I can't completely convey in words how it made me feel. The word 'manageable' is about the best I can come up with although it's way too mundane. This whole birthing thing all of a sudden seems so much more real and so much more attainable.
The next few days will hopefully hold a birth for us, but they will also hold quite a bit of proactive labor producing things - homeopathic remedies, long walks, etc. I so wish I could work in the yard. It's just barely warm enough to be outside, but the sun is out and it's not that watery sun of winter. Given that there's several inches of snow still blanketing our backyard I will probably not be gardening but still. It's that time of year where I start to crave daffodils and crocuses. Hmm, I wonder if my forsythia is budding? That could be a possibility. Am I so annoying you with my cheerfulness yet?

Anyways. Ready for one more picture?I am just full of baby. And it's just wonderful!


Joy said...

You look great! Enjoy these last moments and get some rest. :)

Melissa said...

You look lovely! Way more cheerful than I was at a week overdue!!!


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