February 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday - the finished projects edition

We've got some green popping up around here- not outside so much, it's still pretty brown and white and grey, but inside - I decided to force these hyacinth bulbs when I realized that I had left them in the fridge this fall instead of planting them. Oops. But when I woke up this morning I decided it was a happy mistake!

One of our family projects these past few weeks was making terrariums. We each made one or two and I just love them. I think they're doing pretty well too - no dead moss yet. One of the fun parts about it was that none of us had made one before. Guess who picked out the tiny bears to live in the terrariums? They seem to like it in there.

I'm pretty much done with most of the projects I started. Big sister quilt- done. Pics to be shown later --- with the big sister. Baby hats -- mostly done. I'm still working on the one that is my 'impatience project' but it's the stripey one down below. This will be a baby with a lot of hats. Which is good considering it's still very much winter.
I love how this purple turned out. It's not so much newborn sized, at least my cervix hopes it's not! But it'll be useful during the late spring I think. It is super soft too. Our weekend ended up not being as lowkey as we'd hoped, but it was still nice. Especially nice were the flowers John got Guthrie and I.

I love having a house filled with flowers!As I said, most of the projects are completed.

This one is still cooking. Which, though everyone says I must be completely ready to have this baby and SO uncomfortable, I'm really not. While I'm feeling that the baby could come any day I'm also enjoying this extra time with Guthrie and John and the slow pace of life right now. Relatively slow at least.

What most impresses me about this picture though is my lower back. It's all curved in with the effort of supporting this belly and I think - how exactly does my body do this? I've dropped pretty significantly. Instead of a butt up under my ribs it's just above my belly button. When I said at work the other day that I feel like at any moment a hand will pop out and wave at us one co-worker said, that's ok there's a bunch of nurses here! and the other one said - I will so be calling channel 6 news.
I will miss them when I'm on leave. They've been such a huge and great support.

And I finally cleaned out the cradle.

We're all ready for you baby -- whenever you decide you're ready for us!


R & S said...

good luck, can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl and the name


Patty G said...

I am ready ad well. I am anxious to be an Amie to two!

Luci & Loree said...

Wow, look at your baby bump!!! and NO butt, that is cool!
my word verification is 'proope' is that some kind of poop???


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