December 14, 2009

marry vs. mary

So, there's some confusion in our house.

I made an offhand comment to Guthrie awhile ago that her mom and dad are married. This was actually met with tears. Yeah, I don't know either. "NO, NO Mama and Daddy Married. NO!!" (Guthrie you are so weird sometimes) I've brought it up a couple times since and pointed out various signs of us being married- rings, photos, the tiara/veil thing I wore at our wedding which has since become the crown you are supposed to wear when you vacuum so that you look like a princess. Which, remind me to tell you about the princess thing later. These latter conversations have been met with a more resigned affect.

Incidentally, I think I know where she gets this from, this whole, oh my gosh you're introducing a new concept to me about my family and I must deny it and cry. I distinctly remember the day my mom had to go to the courthouse in order to change political parties. I was probably a little older than Guthrie and I just knew she was going to go to jail for becoming a democrat.

So a couple weeks ago we were setting out our nativities- we have several sets- and I asked her if she knew who these people were, etc, etc. and so we had a little lesson. As any three year old would she thought it totally rocked that Mary had a baby in a barn with the donkey there. Guthrie has a special affinity for donkeys. Once one came over and sniffed her face and pressed it's furry side against her in a little donkey hug when she was crying at the petting zoo. Probably after she found out I was also a democrat. Ever since then she's been pretty loyal.

However, a couple days later I'm listening to her talk about her life to the nativities and notice that there's been a breakdown somewhere.

Somewhere along the line because John and I are married and Mary's name is Mary I am obviously Mary and so going to have a baby in a barn. With a donkey undoubtedly. We've been having to play "marry/Mary" this weekend (which involves putting a blanket on your head - is this a veil? is this a representation of the traditional dress of 3 B.C? what is going on??) and dancing.

Now, 1. I don't think I need to 'fix' this problem. When she fails a spelling test because of it we can talk. And 2. I don't even know how to address it. Can you just hear me? So, Guthrie let's talk about the English language. . .

So, in the meantime, I guess wish me and the donkey luck?

Oh I almost forgot. The princess thing. Guthrie hasn't gotten into princesses yet. We are more than ok with that. Except now we have magi, err, princesses, all over our house. I get the logic. Long robes, crowns, slightly feminine renderings of men with wistful expressions. The only crown we have in our house is the tiara thing I wore at our wedding. I know you know where this is going. Guess who gets to play magi/princess? While vacuuming. Everyone needs to wear a crown while they use the purple dyson. Obviously.

These nativities- they cause mass confusion I tell you. Mass Confusion.


carol said...

: )

Jen said...

that is soo cute!! You'll have to keep us posted on that whole donkey bit, do they allow that in L&D? maybe you need to get gus a stuffed donkey for when baby comes?

daydreamer said...

that is awesome.


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