June 3, 2009


I have every Wednesday off and for the past several weeks it's been awful spring weather here on Wednesday. It's like someone is plotting against me! Truthfully, I haven't minded that much because it's created some nice inside time for me and I've gotten some things done I wouldn't have had time for otherwise -- because I would have been outside puttering in the yard. I don't know why I call it puttering because it makes me sore every time. I should say, I would have been outside working my biceps.

So, today dawned beautiful. After a few days of very heavy rain I'm interested to see what the garden looks like. I think things got pretty beat up, but hopefully they're still going strong. I'll probably take some pics of how everything is doing -- unless it's awful!

And we've had about a week of a few ripened berries each day and I bet this weekend is our boom. If we can get to it before the birds that is!

Oh and apparently someone has been reading my blog. After writing my last post Guthrie had an accident in her bed- so then came to our bed, where she was good for several hours and just as I was hitting snooze for the second time I noticed how sweaty we all were.

It was not sweat.


Jen said...

I think that's one of the dangers of teaching kids to read early, they'll find your blog :P

..melissa.. said...

Ohh Guthrie ;)


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