May 31, 2009

big girl changes

I thought we needed some updates around the blog since Gus has done some big time growing up in the past couple months.

For one thing she is officially two and a half. Which, for me, just really pushes home that she's closer to three than she is two and every day means she's growing a little more. And in this month of turning two and a half we've had a few really big things happen.

One is that she is now completely diaper free! Yay!! And it happened like this:

One night as I put her to bed I found out we were out of diapers.
I was too lazy and too tired to go to the store for more.

The End.

A few nights of wet beds all around and a couple of forced potty breaks at midnight and I think we're done.

Yesterday morning she had an accident as she was waking up and was more upset about it than I was. I think that means we're good to go and from here on out accidents will probably not be the norm. (And to be all kinds of inappropriate and inappropriately proud- when she realized she was having an accident in bed she stopped peeing mid-stream and hiked herself over to the toilet as I stumbled along behind her.. There are adults I know who cannot stop peeing mid-stream. You go girl!)

Not to be all braggy, but man, that was easy as pie.
It has almost made up for the not sleeping through the night thing. Almost.

Which brings me to item number 2: Guthrie is almost weaned. Yep. I nurse a 2 and a half year old. Never in 10 million years did I think I would do this. Never. Largely because I thought it gross and inappropriate. How does it go - judge not, lest ye be judged? Something like that.

We're down to 1 session- usually in the middle of the night - what's that other saying -- the path of least resistance? Whatever. I'm thinking that if I can get my parenting act together at 3 am then we're almost done with it all together. And yes, Guthrie is crushed. And no, I'm not. I'll miss the closeness and stuff, but really, it doesn't have the effect it once had, even 6 months ago. I'm sure she's not getting that much nutrition from it with this infrequency and it's not like I use it as a comfort measure anymore when she's completely losing it emotionally. I loathe to think about the next time she is really sick though.

I am hoping though that with the combination of points one and two we will have more frequent announcements like item 3:

We had TWO, count them ONE, TWO full nights of sleep over Memorial Day weekend. Little girl slept from 8:30 until 5:30 in the morning. It was awesome.

When she finally got up and I woke up to her waking I was irritated that someone had turned on all the lights in the house.
And then I figured out that, you know, it was umm, morning.

It was really, really nice. And then it was over. Just like that. Although I will say that she does fall back asleep way more by herself than she used to. I do believe we are making progress. This is not easy as pie. Not at all. But, everybody's got their thing right?

I feel like all three of these things combined mean I definitely have a kid who is closer to preschool than to first steps. You know? It's weird.

I so miss having a baby, but I am so enjoying every day of this. Not necessarily every hour, but every day definitely.

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Jill said...

Adorable picture!

Yeah on sleep - there is nothing better than getting to sleep all night!


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