May 23, 2009

i'm so proud!

Our yard is getting kind of crazy full of life. It's so great!

two weeks ago:
and today:

soon it will be salad in my tummy.

and then there's this:

dude, I'm totally growing corn.I feel like I might live in Iowa.
The last of the seedlings are getting transplanted this weekend because the ones I did last week are still alive.

Also coming up in the garden are beets, broccoli raab, bush beans, snap peas, swiss chard, onions, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, and umm, i think that might be it -- oh no, some cantaloupe. Soon to come will be the rest of the melons, cukes, and gourd & pumpkins.

When I told my office what all was going on in my yard they were all - how big is your garden? you are obviously on crack! And I was all- 1. I'm doing square foot gardening and 2. this is the test run to see what i can actually grow and what we'll actually eat so it's not like I've got 1/2 an acre of beets. I've got like 10.

This year is all about variety and seeing what works and what doesn't.
Oh and the flowers. Which I thank the former owners for profusely. The pics totally don't do them justice. I'm desperate for a new camera. Our current point and shoot is feeling the effects of living in a house with a toddler and I really want and digital SLR because it's doubtful I'll be building a darkroom in the garage anytime soon! So, hopefully by the end of summer we can get one and our pictures will improve dramatically.

So, yeah, the garden is going well and it still doesn't feel like tons of work even though I'm out there whenever I get a chance. I still just feel lucky to have a yard of my own that I can do what I want with. Very very lucky.

A year ago this weekend we made our offer on our house. I am so glad we did! It is such a perfect fit. I remember going to the farmers market after the offer had been accepted and buying a ridiculous amount of peony stems to put in our house full of boxes and telling the lady that next year I would have my very own in my very own in my yard. And indeed I do! I'll take a picture of them soon. They're just starting to bloom.
And I know I haven't talked about Guthrie at all in this post, but it's because she's stationed herself outside in anticipation of these:

If we can keep the birds off them we should have a million and 1 strawberries shortly!

And speaking of full of life - my bestest friend is about a month out from having her third baby and she sent me a picture of her belly via my phone. I wish I could post it here, but I won't because, well, I don't really know how to do that and I think she would not be very thrilled with me. BUT she looks amazing and glowy and I know she's exhausted because being that it's her third baby she has 2 other kids to take care, but in the picture at least she just looked lovely. If anyone would like to buy me a plane ticket to Seattle for my birthday that'd be fine by me!


daydreamer said...

i think i had forgotten about your blog for a long while... anyway, your garden looks amazing! i'm so jealous. i can't wait until we have our own house with a yard. someday.

Melissa said...

Ahhh, you know how to make my day better!!! I should post a picture of myself on my blog but I have yet to have a belly shot I'm just in love with! Your garden is GREAT and I can't wait to hear what's working - mine is going well but is small this year.
Love ya!


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