April 13, 2009

the second post about vacation

I still haven't made any reservations. I know, you're completely shocked. I will keep you posted.

We had a good Easter weekend. We mostly celebrated Easter on Saturday by having a brunch with family and friends and hunting for eggs in the backyard. It was fun. Guthrie completely loved hunting for eggs. Later on we caught her sneaking eggs back into the backyard in order to hide them. She was so sweet and focused. One of those moments I wish we would have caught on film.

After the backyard egg hunt we went to a fundraiser egg hunt at the fairgrounds. Two words: Never Again. I'm not sure if the high point was the 2 hours it took to get out of the parking lot, the ransacked broken plastic eggs that were the only ones that the kids in our group got, or the shotgun they used to start the race off with. I'm thinking the gun. Nothing says Easter in Iowa like a gun. There were many, many freaked out kids. And us parents weren't too keen on it either.

We went for ice cream afterwards and that made up for it a little bit.
I do have pictures. I'll post them when I get a moment.
Literally, a moment.
News flash: being a full time working mom is hard. Really, really hard. I know. I was shocked too. Here's the other news flash: It's really hard to get to the housework when you don't work from home. Yes, I am Captain Obvious.

I'm struggling to find my priorities again. The keyword in that sentence is again. It's pretty constant isn't it? For the most part though I am enjoying my job. I'm realizing that for as 'glamorous' as the office is, it's just like being at home because you can't get anything done for all the interruptions. It's irritating. About as irritating as when you realize you still haven't gotten to the laundry and it is the end of the day. Except instead of running the risk of having naked family day I run the risk of having Medicare all up in my face for not being in compliance.

Did anyone catch Oprah last Monday - the one with the moms? I put it on the DVR because I'm a glutton for punishment. I can get sucked into almost any conversation about motherhood - apparently even with Oprah. I have some things I'd like to say about it, but not right now because it's getting late and we are running the risk of having naked family day tomorrow. Which will be good because I'm also not in compliance right now at work. Might as well deal with both in the same 24 hour period.
Really I'm more worried about Guthrie having to wear her pajamas tomorrow.
Seriously though, she'd be ecstatic. Sometimes I let her wear her pj top as an undershirt the next day and it's like she carries this thrilling little secret with her all day. I catch her pulling up the top shirt to look at the pjs and she's always got this sly smile on her face. If I didn't run the risk of having that same thrilling secret tomorrow I could tell you how I feel about Oprah. But, remember, priorities people.


..melissa.. said...

I love that Guthrie went out and hid eggs again..too cute!!

garbo said...

Mad's had the same pj shirt on for two days now. For sleep & for school. O yes, working moms ROCK! I'm hoping to bathe her here in the next week or two. Probably with the pj shirt on, just so we can wash that while we're at it. Now that, my friend, is multitasking! Hugs!


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