April 25, 2009

And it was Good.

We had the best vacation ever. I'm not totally sure what all we did, but there was very little stress involved and that was the best part.

I know for sure it included:
- breakfast in bed with movies
- bookbinding
- yoga
- crafting
- lots of reading
- our first real thunderstorm of the year
- sleeping in (shocking!! we all slept until 9:30 one day! it was awesome!)
- our first 80 degree day
- gardening
- family naps
- parks
- the jogging stroller vs. the bike path
- a campfire
- grilling
- a trip to the mall
- a lot of playing. a lot.

With the exception of Uncle Andrew we kind of holed ourselves up in our house or at the park. I'm sure we did some other stuff, but I'm not sure what it was.

Bottom line, staycations rule.

We ate a lot of sandwiches and grilled and made absolutely no effort to do the dishes. So, really, pretty much the same for us as going to a condo or cabin!

The best part though was every day Guthrie waking up and saying, 'No bye-bye? No work? Ma, Da, Deyah -- happy?' And we were.

I think getting back into the grind this next week will be a little less than thrilling for all of us, but we should probably get back to it. The thing about it is that I kind of thought we'd be ready to go back after a week of 24/7 togetherness. That we'd at least be ready for a break, but not at all. We're both sad this morning to drop off Guthrie and head our separate ways.

I feel confident in saying that when we win the lottery we will be fine being semi-retired. We're good putterers. Real good.

1 comment:

Jill said...

I love staycations.

It sounds delightful.

Sorry you have to be done with it before you are ready - start scheduling another one soon!


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