January 10, 2009

why, hello sisyphus.

See this? It's my bedroom. Do you see a bed? Do you see a green loveseat where I can sit and read and drink tea?

Me either.
I see 10 loads of laundry.

and what am I doing about it? Why blogging of course. I got Gus all set up with a snack and some Super Why on the part of the bed you can actually see and then folded 2 things and came in here to check my email.
I know Guthrie will help me fold socks, and believe me there are a lot of socks in there, but, just UGH.
I do this about 3 times a year. Let my laundry get the absolute best of me. I've been working on this pile since probably Thanksgiving. It's crossed over to art. An installation piece of course.
We just take the stuff we can see and want to wear out of the pile.
This morning I was mortified as John left to go to work. He looked like he had slept in his clothes. I actually had to spray him down with Wrinkle Releaser. Yikes. That's pretty bad.
So. . . here I go to fold laundry. . . and you know it's not like we go places naked so hopefully this experience will be treacherous enough that I'll stay on top of the folding for a few more months.

wish me luck.
i think i need some tea first though. . .

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