January 14, 2009

my to do list

We woke up to probably 5-6 inches of snow this morning. I'm such a sucker for snow and this is absolutely beautiful - the trees look frosted.

Last night when I picked up John from work we took the long way home. Tuesday is his late day - nine o'clock. Guthrie was asleep in the back and no one was on the road because the snowstorm was coming. It was really nice. The snow was so sparkly. Like diamonds.

That sounded so dramatic, but I'm completely serious. John hypothesized it has something to do with the very, very cold air (it was 1 degree) and the snow combining. Anyways, it was a nice quiet drive.

I graciously let John drive himself to work today as there's just no way Gus and I are going out with the windchill going from bad to worse today. (for those of you in more balmy weather bad is -15 worse is -30)

So what will we do today? Well, I for one would really like to sit and watch You've Got Mail for the 40 billionth time mostly for Meg Ryan's line: '152 insights into my SOUL'. I love that line. My friend Kathy loves the line "makes my apartment smell all mossy". We watched it a lot in college. A lot.

I'm digressing.

Guthrie does not approve.


This is what I will be doing today:

There will be coffee.

There will be scrambled eggs.

There will be a bath, after which I will use this Aveda stuff. That will be a whole post unto itself. That stuff is gold in a bottle.

There will be snow shoveling. Just the walkway though; our absolute saint of a neighbor has used his snow blower on our sidewalk the past two times it has snowed. So, add to the list today baking of some sort as a thank you.

There will be some heavy duty cleaning. I've been working so much on the upstairs that I've completely neglected the downstairs. It's really really dirty and really really messy. And it is not causing me peace and relaxation, which is the goal in your home, right? So, today we will remedy that. Count on me running at least 2 loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

And then, if I make it through all that, see that fabric back there? On top of the eggs? I got it in Galena when my mom and Gus and I went up for a little pre-Christmas shopping fest and getaway. It will eventually be our growth chart. I'm hoping I'll get some time to sketch it out so we can finally keep track of how tall our family is. You never know when a growth spurt will hit.

So that's it folks. Add in a some Little People, puzzles, shape sorting and a nap and you've pretty much got a good view.

I'm sure not all of this will happen, but it's good to have plans. And maybe, just maybe naptime will let me watch some You've Got Mail.

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Kathryn said...

i also like the conversation that involves this line: "he could be the rooftop killer!" and also this line: "he ruled spain."

dude, that movie is delightful.


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