November 30, 2008

the pie was awesome.

Here are the promised pics of our Thanksgiving Celebration!

We had cute owl place cards that Guthrie and I made the night before.

Gus mostly liked eating whipped cream.

And cranberries. Clearly she is her mother's daughter.

We spent a good amount of time cooking side-by-side which was so much fun. Actually yesterday I found her under the dining room table playing Thanksgiving. She had her rolling pin and pots and pans out and when I asked if she was making turkey she said yes and then shared with me! I'm so lucky!

Everyone was appropriately impressed by the turkey :) And it was SO yummy. We will definitely be buying our turkey from Weber Meats from now on!

Gramma Carol and Guthrie sorted the silver while I polished some of it.
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The next morning Guthrie found some leftover Strawberry Pretzel Salad. Instant and wholesome breakfast, no?

All in all it was a great day. The kitchen hasn't fully recovered yet, but I've got all the stock made and we still have tons of leftovers, so I figure I've got some time on that whole clean kitchen thing. We discovered that we need to winterize our basement side door/stairway area. We put the turkey out there to brine figuring it wouldn't even get close to hitting the poultry 'danger zone' and we were right! And there was some ice on it too in the morning. Sweet. A trip to Menards is in order I think. I'm utterly devoted to my refrigerator. I wasn't totally sold on it before, but I am now! We would have had to get rid of some of our leftovers in our old place because we couldn't have fit all this into our fridge.
We loved having our first holiday in our house. It was just perfect!

OH... did you want to see a picture of the pie???it tasted as good as it looked. yay!
and totally worth the extra effort.
i think it'll be pies from scratch from here on out.
Aunt Nina was on to something!


Steph said...

I'm so impressed! I have to tell you, I would never have imagined you were this much of a Martha Stewart.

..melissa.. said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see pictures of your new house all Christmased (yes that's a word..) up!! hahahaha But no really, I am looking forward to it!!

Guthrie is such a cutie! Makes me want to have a little girl to cook with!


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