November 30, 2008

keeping up traditions

For the past 3 years our family has either chosen the coldest or snowiest day of the year to get our Christmas tree. We're good like that. Last year the Soroptimists felt so bad for Gus that they invited us into their heated trailer while dad tied the tree to the car. The year before that we had a boatload of snow on the tree and tracked it all inside.

So last night we made plans to go and get our tree today. It was 40 and cloudy out. I was kind of sad because getting your tree should be an adventure. We should be able to say- hey remember when you lost your toes to frostbite in '08? That was AWESOME! And the tree was nice too!

When we got up this morning we found this:

I'm sure we'll post stories and pictures of our first snow and tree later on today!

1 comment:

..melissa.. said...

I want snow..but NOOO it's 80 degrees today..gosh, never really feels like winter :)

Enjoy it! You know how Cali is...


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