October 28, 2008

i know, i know

I'm SO behind on posting. I've got about 85 million posts rolling around in my head with 90 million pictures on the computer to add to them!
We've had a super busy few weeks and now we're on the downhill slide to the end of 2008.
Once Guthrie's birthday (!) hits we don't come up for air until New Years!

Hopefully I'll be able to have a moment soon to empty my brain! It's getting full.
Until then:

Is she not the cutest, albeit obviously stressed out, thing since sliced bread?
I should warn you that most of our pictures have this look about them.
That slightly anxious, vaguely deranged with the desperate need
to look at the picture I'm taking on the back of the camera look about the eyes.

Curse you digital cameras!

-talk to you soon


Kathryn said...

i am jealous of her hat.

..melissa.. said...

She is so cute..and yes, stressed :)

I look forward to seeing more pictures in the future!


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