October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

Because we live in the weirdest town ever we went trick or treating last night.
It was kind of the quintessential Halloween experience. Perfect weather, crunchy leaves underfoot, kids running all over the neighborhood with their parents simultaneously cautioning them about cars and asking what kind of haul they made. Guthrie was fantastic. All week she had refused to wear her 'Maow' costume and then yesterday morning my mom came over and bargained with her- her car keys for the costume - and it worked! We repeated it in the evening and added another set of car keys to the deal and we were good to go!

We went up and down our street with Grandpa Dave and Grandma Vera (my family from Oregon), then to Gramma Carol's, and then Grammy Patty's who graciously hosted a dinner for everyone. Gus was completely worn out and slept like a rock last night.

This morning she doesn't really even remember that there is candy somewhere in the house. Which is probably good because mom and dad got all the good stuff taken out last night :)

Happy Halloween!!


Stephanie Ann said...

last night? what kinda town is that? lol

she looks so cute! cutest kitty i've ever seen!

kathleen said...

What a cute family?? Seriously though what is up with that town?? :)


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