June 13, 2008

more water

We walked from our house down the street to the river- about 4 blocks- and joined the huge number of people out and about either sand bagging or
looking at the water or jogging.

You know those crazy joggers here- nothing will stand in the way of their afternoon run!

We crossed both the Benton and Burlington bridge and walked some downtown where we could before coming home to get Guthrie some dinner.

Here are some photos.

Tomorrow Guthrie and I are going to visit some friends (the only friends we can physically get to actually!) and John is staying home from work. The only way he can get to work right now is via Des Moines. Yes, that is in the complete opposite direction. Actually, via Des Moines, Waterloo, Dubuque to Bettendorf. Adding 6 hours to his commute. In each direction. So, he's homebound for a few days probably. One kind of positive thing is that unlike the blizzards and ice storms that made us get 'prepared' earlier this year is that it's warm out. We can go to the park. We only have to worry about being too warm if the electricity goes out. That makes this feel a lot better. Not as trapped, which is funny because we have about a 2 mile drivable radius. Below are some pictures of Coralville.

The local newspapers have been fantastic about keeping people updated with photos and news and closures. Check 'em out. And below is our flickr photostream.

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..melissa.. said...

The flooding has been insane! Glad you guys are okay!! And come on..why wouldn't John want to commute extra hours..gosh ;)


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