March 28, 2008

a post about many, many things

ok I'm writing this one handed -- Gus is asleep on me and we are kind of 1/2 sitting 1/2 laying on the couch. I know all you parents with kids born after the invention of laptops totally understand.
So, cut me some slack if this doesn't have great flow.

First things first. There has been some discussion regarding my previous post. Apparently no one believes me (except my mom) that Old Order Amish don't speak only English. Ok librarians (you are actually librarians, right?) check out this super informative article from Wikipedia. Didn't you write a paper about the multiple uses of Wikipedia in grad school John?


Second things second.
Check out this girl in her new red rain boots.

We visited the baby chicks at the local bank (this is why Iowa is so awesome, they hatch chickens at the bank so the community can be reminded of the agricultural cycle and our attachment to it.)

We had a great Easter.
The dyeing of the eggs was fun ... until Guthrie discovered that OH MY GOSH the dye won't come off my fingers!!! It was slightly horrifying to her. 45 minutes and a bath later and all was well.

We celebrated Easter day with Grammy Patty and Grandma Carol. Grammy Patty has returned from the Peace Corps and is making the rounds visiting family and friends.We had fun hiding and finding plastic eggs and eating a big dinner. And visiting. And running around the middle wall, but that's a different post altogether.

Guthrie has been having great fun getting reacquainted the Grammy Patty. Possibly the best, and continually surprising, aspect of this is that Grammy Patty comes out of the spare room every morning. This completely boggles the almost-17 month old mind. We've enjoyed lots of play time, some park time, and relatively little nap time. It's all too exciting to sleep through-- I kind of understand.

Up next we're going to beg the weather people to forecast sunny skies and no more snow!

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eliot said...

I'm still catching up on Gus's blog. Sorry I wasn't there to support you sooner about the Amish thing. They do speak a different language, Penn. Dutch. It's similar to German but sounds more sung.


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