March 14, 2008

get that girl some rain boots

Guthrie and I had a nice day yesterday. We slept in - and it really was sleeping in, maybe not by college standards, but a 9:30 wake up call is completely respectable. And I think this actually might mark the latest Guthrie has ever slept in. Ever. Ahh, parenthood.
We hung out at home and cleaned the house. Good times. And then went to Stringtown Grocery - our most favorite Amish grocery store. I get as excited about Stringtown as I do about Paul's Discount or New Pioneer Co-op. You never know what you might find!
I was looking (hoping, pleading with the universe) for some first of the season vegetables. You know the Amish and their greenhouses. Not really. They've plowed the fields, but that's it. We're supposed to get possibly more snow this weekend, so I don't really blame them that the peas aren't in. I will say that seeing that much dark black upturned earth was good for the soul- possibly as good as local asparagus.
We did get a bunch of eggs, butter, cheese, whole wheat apricot/peach bars, vanilla wafer cookies and homemade noodles. Oh and some pickles. I don't know why. I think I just can't resist the shiny jars.
The people there don't really know how to take Guthrie. She's got some spunk and really likes to be in charge of some of the groceries (this time her task was holding the cheese. wrapped in cling wrap, it was challenging.) and I just think that she's not so much Old Order Amish material. Did I mention she's loud? It's not that they're not loud- in fact one time I caught two girls racing with their mops down the aisles. It was funny, but in that reserved kind of way. And then there's me with my nose ring and last name different from my husband. They recognize us now though and I think I've won over one girl in particular. She smiles and tells me to have a good day. I should add that Guthrie doesn't really know how to take them either. I think it's the bonnets and the non-English. She just can't really figure out what's going on there. Hence why she is in charge of the cheese - keep that girl busy enough that she can't freak out!
Afterwards we drove out of Kalona with the windows down- it's seriously that warm- and greeted the horses. Gus apparently thinks that animals can only be greeted in a high-pitched "Hiiiiyaaaa!" over and over. The cat's don't totally appreciate it and I imagine the horses even a little less. Maybe she knows something we don't.
Once back in town, we headed to the park and figured out that Guthrie needs some rainboots. Tennis shoes are just not going to cut it this season. We walked up and down the trails of Willow Creek Park taking every advantage we could to walk through the puddles- repeatedly. I didn't show her the puddles, but as she stormed through her first one her look of momentary confusion was replaced with pure bliss. And she promptly turned around and walked through it again. And again and again. I swear I'll take pictures next time!
After the puddles were figured out the only mystery left was the runners. As soon as she catches site of a runner she must stop and point. And then we wait. Until the runner runs by us and she can point at them up close. Somebody teach that girl some manners!
45 minutes later she soaked to the bone from tromping and falling and fishing wet leaves out of deeper puddles and her nose is running uncontrolably so we headed home - where she got to run around naked for the next hour!
I think she had a great day!

On a more sober note, Guthrie's Great-Grandma Masil (Grandpa Dave's mom)
suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. She's comfortable and in good spirits
as we wait for further testing and a plan. I'm sure she would welcome
your thoughts and prayers - as would my dad and stepmom as they've
returned from her hometown (and the passing of both her parents)
less than a week ago and are running on almost empty as it is.
We love all of you! Sending you hugs and Guthrie's blowing kisses!


John G said...

"I should add that Guthrie doesn't really know how to take them either. I think it's the bonnets and the non-English."

What language do the Amish speak? I am so confused...

Stephanie Ann said...

I'm sure you don't remember me, I went to OLCoG. You'd probably remember my sister, Jennie, before remember me...I was WAY young. Anyways, I linked into your blog through Gretchen's. I wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your's so much fun to read about yours and Gurthie's adventures. I have a daughter around the same age, I love the age they are at! I envy your ablility to stay home with her. I feel that I get, from your blog, what I'm missing out on during each day that I'm working with my own, thank you!

Multifuncional said...
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..melissa.. said...

I love this post!! Soo fun!!

Also, I was driving in Beverly Hills last week and there is a Guthrie street! I got so excited and took a picture of it BUT it turned out blurry..I should have just stolen the sign and sent it to you :)


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