February 26, 2008

anatomy of a monday

7:00 Dad and Mom get up and get ready
7:20 kiss Dad goodbye as he heads out the door to Library Land
7:25 Guthrie wakes up and is wholly ticked off she's the only one in bed, but then she sees Lt. O'Riley at the foot of the bed and is alright.
7:30 morning nursing and graham cracker for Gus, changing diaper, getting dressed
7:45 brushing teeth and putting in ponytails
7:55 pack up diaper bag and work stuff. Guthrie and I have multiple bags to get through our day
8:10 tell Guthrie to go find her hat and coat
8:11 she's got her hat, but is distracted by something invisible to the grown up eye
8:12 mom gets her back on track.
8:13 tell Guthrie to find her shoes. she can only find one. crap.
8:16 still hunting for matching white tennis shoe
8:18 found it! now we must put all the accessories on. crap.
8:25 out the door to Gramma's house
8:50 Guthrie climbs stairs to Gramma's house
9:10 breakfast at Gramma's. scrambled egg for Guthrie and oatmeal for mom and Gramma. nurse a little bit.
9:30 mom heads out the door to work and Guthrie and Gramma head out for the North Liberty Tot Lot

Gus and I do our respective work. Me a Chemistry book, Gus absorbing the universe

Gus is having a tough day so I stop working early and go pick her up. She's asleep on the couch w/ Gramma when I get there. They are cozy. I get to relax for awhile. Do some nursing.
3:30 head home. Gus is a crabby crab.
4:00 home
4:10 snack of whole wheat peach bars and prunes. who doesn't love a prune as a snack?
4:20 laundry.dishes.picking up.dance party in the kitchen
5:10 phone call from dad. he's on his way home.
5:30 start dinner. pulled pork sandwiches. continue the dance party. nurse again.
5:40 phone call from dad. stuck in a snow bank on the Dubuque St. Exit. needs a shovel and Uncle Andrew.
5:45 start the process of getting out the door again (see 7:30 - 8:25)
6:00 pick up Uncle Andrew
6:40 finally get to dad. the streets are a mess. Gus has been asleep the whole time.
7:20 a good Samaritan pulls dad's car out of the snow with a chain. THANK YOU!
7:40 dinner sandwiches for the grown ups, cheesy toast for the toddler. oranges all around.
8:00 playing and The Terminator
9:00 bed and oh you guessed it- more nursing!

rinse and repeat (hopefully without the snow drift.)

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