January 28, 2008

No Sleep till Brooklyn

it's 12:58 am.

do you know where your Guthrie is?

I do.

She's sitting on the couch next to me. We're watching Miss America.

We are not sleeping.

Daddy is sleeping because he has a big first day of work tomorrow. Yay Daddy!

Guthrie is celebrating by acting like she's had a triple shot espresso from Starbucks. Yay Gus!

Ohhh, I think I detected a yawn -- wish us luck!
(and wish Gramma luck tomorrow-- she's babysitting!)

1 comment:

Carol said...

......and we had a great time - she slept for 3.5 hrs - catching up from last night - then played in the snow and tromped through mud puddles!


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