January 24, 2008

Friday Night Excitement!

I get to go out tonight! And be amongst other grown ups! I am very very excited. And I get to see a movie! Oh the joy!

Synopsis: In 2001, actress Ricki Lake gave birth to her second child with the assistance of a certified nurse midwife (CNM) in her home bathtub. She made the choice for a home birth after she experienced unwanted medical interventions while delivering her first child at a hospital birthing center. Ricki succeeded in giving birth on her own terms and the experience was so unexpectedly empowering and life-changing that she felt every woman should know what they could be missing out on. Ricki approached filmmaker Abby Epstein to collaborate on a film that would examine birth culture in America, and ask questions about the way American women have babies.

Courtesy of Conscious Birth Summit 2008 at the Iowa City Public Library.


Melissa said...

Oh I so wish I could have gone with you! I needed a night out last night!

Kathy said...

i love that ricki lake. i'm putting that on my netflix.


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