December 13, 2007

what's a girl to drink?

Our little Gus has officially given up on bottles. First her beloved boo (the pacifier) and now bottles. She's just a big girl now I guess. Which is ok, I guess, but, man, it was way more convenient when one of us, key phrase there-- one of us, could just give her a bottle before bed. Now it's more complicated. Well, no, it's not complicated at all, she would very much prefer to have a snack before bed and I'm the only one to provide that snack!

I know you're saying, "why not just put whatever it is she's drinking into a sippy cup?" Yeah, we thought of that one, but no matter what we put in her cup, the exceptions being water and some juices, she is not a fan. We're supposed to be transitioning her to cow's milk and she's having none of that! As soon as she sees something even remotely like milk in a cup she makes the face. You know the one, only toddlers can make it. Utmost disdain and almost a little 'ha ha, you're going to try and give that to me aren't you, but I know that I control what I choose to digest, so you just go ahead and try it!'

So, we're giving it a rest for a couple of days and trying to incorporate as much iron-laden whole milk into her food as we can.

John said last night at dinner- you know what this means don't you? it means we're going to have to start drinking milk so she sees us doing it and then will want to join in on the fun.

I think he's probably right. Oh, the horror.

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garbo said...

Want me to bring the big kid by to influence the litte one? Madeline LOVES milk in a cup a little too much some days!

I love Gus's coat and hat--she's such a cute little munch!


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