December 13, 2007

icicle, icicle

Ok I'm not sure what is up with our winter, but we're having a lot, A LOT of ice.
Ice and toddlers do not mix.
Ice and parents carrying toddlers do not mix.

I've been trying to be creative with Guthrie inside. Bringing out toys that she hasn't seen in awhile going through boxes of file folders. Good times I promise you, but it's not the same as being able to walk across the street to the playground for even 10 minutes of fresh air.

We've also been baking and dealing with probably the final apples of the season. Applesauce and dehydration.

I have a sneaking suspicion that cabin fever will come early this year.

Guthrie and her tomatoes are having a hard time as of late. I'm not sure if she threw them or if they just slid out of her hands, but they hit her big toe. Many angsty tears later she's got a purple toenail to show for it. Poor girl. Relationships are hard.

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