December 27, 2007

leavin' town

Ok Mama, Ok Daddy-- I'm headed out for awhile.
I've got my bags packed.* I hear there's a circus in town hiring people
who are flexible with a
penchant for fried rice and apples.

I am SO strong. These bags are heavy. But, here I go. Down the hall.

Mom! I'm on serious business here- quit taking pictures!

Hmm, it would be good to take some reading material on the road with me.

For Pete's sake. What is with these straps?
They keep wrapping around my feet!
And I can't find a place to put Carl.
Crap. I love this book.

Ok , I can hold my book and still pick up both bags. I can do this; I am SO strong.
Ok you guys, here I go!

Umm, Mom, could you maybe just read me Carl's Christmas?
Those bags were way too big for me.

I love this book.

*FYI I'm not sure where the circus was headed,
but she would have been somewhat well prepared with
an adequately packed diaper bag and
a bag full of rarely used winter accessories. Hopefully it
was someplace chilly! I'd hate to have had her over pack.
And yes, she did pick out her own pjs.


John G said...

I wish I had known her passion for carrying small duffel bags before Christmas. That would have made shopping SO much easier. :)

Kathy said...

i love that girl.


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