November 15, 2007

not much going on

Even as I write that I have to laugh- because Of Course there's stuff going on!
I've just completed (like 8 hours ago) a huge project at work that I'm thrilled to the gills to be done with. John is busy working on his final project for the Center for the Book, which will put him one very large step closer to graduation and I'm sure completion will bring a mixed bag of feelings of relief as well as feelings of more stress.

And I did 7 bushels of laundry this past weekend. 7 bushels people.
I really should take the sticker off the bottom of the laundry basket. It taunts me. Even if I do though every time I fill the basket I'll still know I'm doing 1.5 bushels of laundry. It's a vicious cycle.

And then there's Guthrie. She's just a walking bundle of general cuteness. We hadn't been to playgroup in a couple of weeks and when we went this week everyone was so surprised at how steady Gus is on her feet. Walking is definitely her preferred mode of transportation. She working on teeth. We're about ready to put out another plea to the tooth fairy because we have been working on these three teeth for weeks-- possibly months. So, poor girl is recovering from a cold (we all are) as well as dealing with, I'm sure, some serious uncomfortableness. But, still, she is just a walking bundle of general cuteness.

Last night she fell asleep across Uncle Andrew. Across, as in she was trying to crawl over him and apparently it was just too much work. It was pretty sweet. We're working at juggling between one or two naps. One nap and she takes a super long one and goes to bed early. Two and she is up pretty late and the naps aren't as long and don't seem as restful. I feel like this means one thing:

Toddlerhood we have arrived!

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