November 20, 2007

happy signing

We had our first big signing breakthrough the other day. I was ridiculously excited!

So, Guthrie can sign 4 signs with some regularity, hot, all gone, elephant, milk, and we're working on some other ones. Until now she will kind of only sign in response to something- a question or a command- like tell us you're all done with dinner Guthrie so we can let you out of your high chair. But, the other day, after a slightly traumatic 'tell me you're done with dinner' episode (sometimes it ends in dramatic but short-lived tears) Guthrie was out in the living room playing with me and Uncle Andrew and she turns to me and does the all done sign with this weird look on her face.

I said, what are you all done with Guthrie?
And she does it again, a little more frantically, so I ask again, and she pulls this long piece of apple skin out of her mouth and gives it to me. (I love her presents) Apparently, she'd pocketed it for safe keeping in her cheek only to decide later that it wasn't worth the long term gumming it would take to dissolve it. And she was all done with it.

I was thrilled.
She's a total genius. :)


Kathy said...

wait--i thought she couldn't drink milk. when does she sign milk? also elephant? this girl is resisting utilitarian uses of language. good.

Darah, John & Guthrie said...

boob milk mostly :)

but she's starting to drink whole milk- I'll post about that nonsense later!


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