September 7, 2007

Makin' H's

it occurred to me late last night (late being 11:30, the earliest I've gone to bed in weeks) while I was trying to talk myself into sleeping (apparently once we got past that whole exhausted-parents-of-a-newborn phase we no longer just fall into bed already asleep, sleeping takes effort- who knew?) and looking at our defunct solar system mobile (it fell down- while no one was in bed thank goodness, because that would have been traumatic, but I still haven't been able to figure out how to balance it correctly. So, we're short 3 planets of a solar system. That's telling, isn't it?) that more often than not our family sleeps in the letter H.

Guess who makes the horizontal line? It's not the cat. It's a 20 pound heat seeking baby.

And guess who gets the ass end?

It's not dad.

I adore waking up to my family in the morning in the same way I adore getting in the toy strewn shower. Seriously, I love this! We have a little person- who loves to play with toys in the bathtub- how great is that? And her toys are all over our house. I think this drives John nuts, but I love it because there's evidence of her all over our lives. (geez I'm such a sap. Andrew is right- pregnancy made me soft)

But, I'm thinking that a few months ago when we bought a new mattress we should have sprung for a king. Yes, it would have made going to hotels that much less exciting, and our small room even smaller, but still...

then again, we probably wouldn't use the extra space. the other cat would probably start sleeping with us. And even the ass end of the baby is ok, I guess.

i wish she'd trade off though.

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garbo said...

We have a king. The two-year-old takes up the whole thing when she makes the horizontal part of the H. But she's a cute little thing and we love her. I am happy for the big girl bed though. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE Gus's coat! Where did you get it?


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