August 31, 2007

a balanced diet

A Recent Trip to the Park:

Hey thanks for bringing me to the park mom! It's SO pretty here!
Hmmm, what to do, what to do...

Oh cool- some grass. I love grass.
Fun to pull, fun to play with, fun to eat, fun to scatter.
Flora is AWESOME!
Oooh look at my big handful of grass!

What mom? I'm not supposed to eat it?
Dr. Jill says I need more vegetables in my life.
These are perfect. Green grass and brown leaves!
What could be better?!

Do Da Do. Eating my foliage. Good so far!

Oh this is bad. Really, really bad. Mom, why didn't you warn me? These are not the bananas I was looking for! Uck, get it out of my mouth!

I'm going to have to live with this flippin' leaf on my mouth forever aren't I?

Oh, some water.
That is SO much better.
Well, that was a learning experience.

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