September 24, 2007


I helped my mom clean out her storage unit this past weekend and we pulled out the mini-rocking chair for Guthrie.
Guthrie is the 4th generation Hulse to use and love this chair. It's showing a bit of wear and tear (mostly the result of her grandpa using it as a teething device!), but I love that it's so well made that I'm sure it will survive at least another generation.

I think she loves having a chair all her own. She can't quite get into the chair by herself, but, of course, she can get out of it with ease.

I'm so happy that we have this bit of legacy in our living room and makes me miss Guthrie's Great-Grandpa Hulse and Grandpa Hulse that much more.

And, again, I'm thankful that Guthrie shares her last name with such an incredible lineage.

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Aprille said...

So cute! I love her thrilled expression in the first pic. That's so cool that you have a piece of multi-generational furniture, especially kids' furniture.


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