September 24, 2007

grocery shopping

Today Guthrie and I snuck in a quick trip to New Pioneer Co-op, our local source of all things natural and organic. In pre-Guthrie life I rarely made it to the co-op. Honestly, we couldn't afford it and I thought people who went there were kind of snobby. Well, post-Guthrie we're able to go to the co-op (shouldn't it be the other way around?) and actually it's cheaper for us to buy organic fruits and veggies rather than organic baby food. (which is a different blog altogether- one best titled "How I Created an Avocado Snob")

So, I'm treating our trips to the co-op as an adventure in grocery shopping. Every time I splurge and get something I wouldn't normally buy at the grocery store. It's great because we've discovered Israeli Couscous, really great Buffalo mozzarella, whole wheat pizza crusts, local-made European style fruit juice sweetened yogurt, and today all natural graham crackers.

In this land of corn and soy, I am painfully aware of the amount of processed corn that enters our food. And even more so since Guthrie came along. We're doing our best to limit that in our diet, especially in the realm of high fructose corn syrup. So, I was happy to find some non-corn syrup sweetened graham crackers.

I'll admit I'm kind of a freak about Guthrie's diet. This past week she went from vegan to lacto-vegetarian (see the above yogurt) and in the next month or so we'll go to ovo-lacto vegetarian. But I want her to get the best start possible. And I want her to have a palate that doesn't necessarily love broccoli, but eats it happily as well as all kinds of food from different cultures.

So, since I erased our list of Guthrie's diet a month or so back here's an update:
Breakfast: steel cut oats w/ some chopped up raisins
Lunch: edamame, kiwi, and vanilla yogurt (and of course the beloved graham crackers)
Dinner: lentils, carrots, and some sort of fruit

Add in some cheerios and about 6 feedings from me and you've got a full bellied little girl!

My original point in all of this was:

Does anyone know what the hell "graham flour" is? Is there some sort of graham tree running around that I didn't know about?

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