August 14, 2007

water water everywhere

guthrie has discovered the joys of open bowls of water. obviously, the best one is the cat bowl.

never mind that it belongs to the cats and that they get super grumpy and won't drink out of it after she plays! they sit and watch her with woeful looks on their faces. -there goes my hydration, do they not know it's 95 degrees out?

yesterday the bowl was completely full and then completely empty.

the funny thing is that there are two ways into our kitchen, but she doesn't know that yet. so she "sneaks" off down the hall to the kitchen, rounds the corner (usually checking to see if we see her), and makes a beeline for the water dish. She's getting fast. Really fast. I keep reminding myself that there are worse things than spilled water; namely her eating the cat food. She's kind of stopped doing that, I think because she figured out that lamb and fish cat food tastes awful and is really hard for her two little teeth to chew. I could be wrong though - maybe it rocks.

So, yes, the water is a small thing on the grand scheme of things, but man it makes a mess and a giant slip n slide of our kitchen. Actually, that last part is really funny. Nothing like watching a newly crawling baby trying to get around on wet linoleum!

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Mary Witzl said...

Canned catfood was one of my favorite treats when I was a toddler. I used to like picking out the bones and eating those; I like to think it helped with my calcium intake.

My own toddler was crazy about sowbugs. She used to crawl around our house popping them into her mouth. Only with great difficulty could I prevail upon her to spit them out.


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