August 3, 2007

Goodbye July... Hello August

My good friend Corri and I always joked about the Longest Month of the Year. It has nothing to do with how many days are in the month. Every year since the inception of the Longest Month of the Year -1998, and it was October- I firmly believe there has been one every year.

Apparently, July was it for 2007. It started out wonderfully with our visit from the Moores and then...

Guthrie's first major and actual cold (which means she officially stops sleeping well)
sitting up in bed compulsively
crawling in bed compulsively
pulling herself up on furniture
first tooth
separation anxiety reaches new heights
falling off the bed
putting the bed on the floor to help both allergies and episodes of falling off
second tooth
first minor league baseball game
first double ear infection and eye infection
first round of antibiotics
learns how to wave good-bye
weighs 19.2 pounds

while it's been a great month, it's been a kind of cranky month. too much change and growth. all around, which is why it's been long!

so, here's to august being a little slower so we can enjoy the dog days of summer.
and maybe it'll be a little bit shorter.

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