July 30, 2007


My baby is turning 9 months old tomorrow. Holy cow. This is somehow more shocking to me than 6 months, or 3 months, or even 1 month. Nah, one month was pretty shocking. But still. I think it has to do with the fact that up until now she was still almost just-born to me because she had spent less time outside the womb that in it. That all changes tomorrow though. I can't believe how she has grown and changed in the past 9 months, let alone thinking about how she grew out of a cell, rather, less than a cell in the 9 months before that. I know we throw around the phrase, 'it boggles my mind,' but seriously, this really boggles my mind.

I am always reminded of the incredible beauty of the human body and it's flexibility and ability to heal and recover and grow. Maybe I'm more talking about myself there.

I'm also reminded of how fast this time goes. Every night when I crawl in bed beside my husband and daughter I'm amazed at how her toes used to reach my chest, and then my belly button (yeah, she'd stick her toes in there. apparently it's cavernous), and now at my hip. Funny how it's these moments I'm struck by her growth and not when she's crawling around trying to get into the cat food.

There's a blogger on parentdish.com that talked about how she didn't know that having a child was like growing another soul. I didn't either, but it is. So, I'm a little bit melancholy that Guthrie will be 9 months old. Not because I want her to stay small forever, but because it goes by so quickly and I know that if I blink I'll miss this part of my soul changing and growing into an amazing person with the whole world ahead of her, just waiting.

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Monica said...

Happy 9 months, little Guthrie!


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