June 6, 2007

week of firsts- and not good ones!

this has been a week of firsts. first big owies. owies all around. guthrie topples now that she can sit up. she falls into the edge of her co-sleeper when we sit her up with some toys so we can maybe catch a few extra minutes of sleep. she rams her head into the table while sitting in the high chair at restaurants- probably in search of new and dangerous things to play with. hello forks and straws. and last but not least she head butts people. me, her dad, gramma, uncle andrew, the cats. she's practicing for playing rugby in like 15 years? so there have been lots of tears and a couple of bumps.

THEN on tuesday at terrapin coffee she did something to her eye. who knows what. but there's a red dot on her eye ball. it's fading now, but it looks like it hurt. apparently not as much as the bump she got from falling into the edge of the co-sleeper, but more than when she head butted me this afternoon.

and finally, today we went for her first shots. screamed bloody murder. really, can you blame her? two nurses- one for each thigh- come at you in hot pink scrubs with needles? you would flip out too. especially if your mom and dad were there trying to make you laugh while pinning your arms down. i don't think she noticed that i was crying with her, but she's pretty perceptive sometimes. for a 7 month old.

hopefully, even though it's only wednesday, this will be the final chapter in her week of ouchness.

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