June 3, 2007

No Nap for ME!!

Oh Guthrie. I'm trying to help Gus with the whole 'see, now we're in bed. we've read a story, you've had a snack, we've talked about our day. it's time to sleep.' thing. I even sing. Not well mind you! Bedtime (usually) goes much better than nap time. The girl's got a lot of energy- what can I say? So, today we went through our normal routine and I stepped out for a few minutes-- sometimes she needs some alone time before sleeping-- and I'm out in the living room with the baby monitor on and I hear her playing a little bit and then giggling, and then it's totally quiet. So, I sneak back in there expecting to see her having fallen asleep on our bed where I put her. Not so much! The little stinker made her way across the bed into her bed and found her stuffed animals and books. She was thrilled with herself! I was secretly thrilled too, but didn't let her know that!

Nap time wasn't so much about a nap today!

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