May 7, 2007

drinking games

So, now that Guthrie is on the two meals of solid food a day plan, we're adding water to her diet. Supports kidney function or something. At the same time we're introducing the concept of drinking out of something other than a boob or a bottle. I hate sippy cups. Totally hate them. I met a child once that was excellent at drinking out of a regular cup when they were only 10 months old. His parents trained him to drink using shot glasses. They're perfect for little hands (not that she has the foggiest clue how to actually hold it yet!) and for little mouths.

Do you think she'll be out on her 21st birthday and find taking shots eerily familiar? Her Gramma Carol recently bought her an I heart Iowa shot glass with pigs on it. It was nice to branch out from the FBI and Jamaica Me Crazy ones.

I'll let you know when we move up to double shots :)

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