May 21, 2007

Catch Up!

You'll have to forgive our silence over the past couple of weeks- time has just flown by. John's been in finals hell and I've been working a lot! So, to sum up our past few weeks- other than finals and work:

-Spiderman 3 -- John and Darah mostly enjoyed it. Guthrie slept through a substantial portion of it. We were nervous that Guthrie had moved past that "i can sleep through anything" phase, but apparently not! Maybe we've got a few more movies in us before a sitter becomes a mandatory part of movie night.
-Corri and Jacob's wedding-- my old friend Corri (we met when we worked at the Izaak Walton Inn for 8 long months in 1998) married her fantastic man Jacob in a beautiful wedding. We drove to Columbia, Missouri (Gus may still be able to sleep through a movie, but has discovered that car rides provide ample time to get bored!) and had a wonderful time at Guthrie's first wedding. Everyone thought she was super cute and she jabbered through the ceremony. The groom said he didn't hear a thing though- which isn't too surprising, I mean he was getting married at the time! Congratulations Corri and Jacob!

-Mother's Day-- it was my first official mother's day. john got me my favorite type of book - a new author's first book and guthrie got me a beautiful heart shaped locket that says 'Mom' on it. It's very retro- something my grandmother would have worn. I love it. And I loved having my first Mother's Day!

-Official Family Photos-- our first photo shoot as a family. We'll keep you posted on the outcome! Gus was a camera hog and we had loads of fun!

-Movie in the Park-- we celebrated the coming of summer at North Liberty's first Movie at the Park of the season. Had a great picnic beforehand with Gramma Carol and Uncle Andrew. The movie was "Flushed Away." Guthrie watched a good portion of it and finally fell asleep on a pile of blankets cuddled up with her dad. This also marked Guthrie's (and Gramma Carol's) first experience with lightning bugs! We're not sure that Gus noticed, but we loved them!

-Summer Schedule-- our new schedule has started! Which means that mornings are my time to work and have Darah time and John and Guthrie's father-daughter time. They walk to John's office where I pick her up and we have mother-daughter time. So, if you spot them around town- say hello! :)

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