April 9, 2007

Yea! New Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

We have so many friends and family members who live so far away. I never feel like we've caught everyone up on Guthrie's latest shenanigans- or ours for that matter!

And, Guthrie is changing every day. Here we are facing her 6 month birthday in a few weeks. It hardly seems possible.

Thus, a blog is in order. It'll probably take a bit of time for us to get this up and running, so check back frequently.

If you have problems reading, or getting to the blog please let me or John know and we'll figure out something.

Love you all-
Darah, John and Guthrie


garbo said...

Way to go! Guthrie is a lucky girl, to have her own blog and such awesome rocking 'rents! Love the pic!

Kathy said...

Please make sure to post a blog about the first time she manages to roll over the other way. I'll want to know about that.

John said...

Thats a damn handsome family.


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