April 18, 2007

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Eliot

In late March our good friends from Anderson Eliot and Kathy came to visit us. Eliot from Indianapolis and Kathy from Chicago. We were SO excited! We had a great weekend- lots of fun at Prairie Lights (John and I discovered the children's section. I don't know how we missed it before, but it's killer!) in the Ped Mall, and going to the Natural History Museum. It was Gus' first museum and she was super impressed by the giant sloth. Ok maybe us adults were more impressed and a little freaked out. It's huge. We got a 'Rusty the Sloth' temporary tattoo for Guthrie's baby book.

On Saturday night my mom babysat and us grown ups had a fun night out at the Sanctuary.
And the highlight of any trip to suburbia- Kathy and I went to Super Walmart and she bought sheets. Super cute sheets. Yea Suburbs!

We had such a great time showing off Guthrie and catching up with old friends.

There's nothing like spending time with people who truly know you.

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