March 11, 2018


  • Thinking... about trying to start posting here again. I love the daily blips of instagram, but it doesn't ever tell the whole story. I don't know though; my plate is so very full. 
  • Reading... A Man Called Ove for me and A Wrinkle in Time with the kids. It's the 3rd time I've read it to them, but I wanted to do it again before we see the movie.
  • Watching... Pokemon. Not my favorite, but Juniper has a stomach bug, Cort is sleeping, and I'm trying to keep Laithe quiet. 
  • Cooking... a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a batch of these Snickerdoodle Bars mostly for the freezer. 
  • Knitting... I'm between projects. Nothing I start feels right. I picked up my Tea Leaves cardigan that I'm about 1/2 inch into. We'll see. Once you get past the yoke it looks like a mindless knit -- which apparently I need because I keep screwing up projects.
  • Planning... our trip to Philadelphia in 10 days. I'm so excited. I'm so nervous. John will be in a conference for most of the time we're there (which is the only reason we're getting the chance to go) so it'll be me + 4 kids for much of the time. 
  • Waiting... on my Tula toddler carrier to arrive. I ordered a standard version and it was apparent that it wouldn't work for long for Cort, let alone Juniper. The customer service was great though and I should get the toddler version in plenty of time for our trip. I've always gravitated to a knotted piece of fabric for our baby wearing because my kids have always been so in and out, but Cort is adept at the backward fling while mama's hands are full move and it's annoying to say the least. 
  • Organizing... our Philadelphia/colonial America/Revolutionary War unit. I picked up the United States PinIt map set and it is so well done. We have the Africa set also. There is quite a bit of prep work to do in order to use the maps and my RA isn't a fan of all that fine motor work all at once. But we should be able to use them this week. Our trip will be super quick so the big kids and I are going to set some priorities. 
  • Enjoying... the sun through the windows. 
  • Hoping for... a good week. The past couple months have been intense and while I'm quick to say I want it all to get easier I'm trying hard to be just as quick to seek and recognize the joy and beauty. To get to that point where the small stuff makes the big stuff easier to manage.

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Luci & Loree said...

A Man Called Ove was SO very good.... don't know why i dont read good books more often, (well i do) but u know what i mean, many are just pap to ease the days and easy to understand
So glad u may be re-starting the blog.... LOVE, love hearing about u and the fam!!!!
Take Care and God Bless


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