April 9, 2015

a little off

Things have been a little off this week at our house.

Probably because I committed to blogging every day for a month. The universe laughs and pulls an ace card out of her sleeve.

Monday was the usual day after a holiday scenario with the housework and sugar buzz and I thought that was all. Tuesday we had to hit restart at 9:00, at 11:00, and again at 1:30 until I finally resigned myself to the fact that the big kids and I were like pinballs ricocheting off each other and that it would likely stay that way for the day. Wednesday was co-op and playtime with friends. Both Guthrie and Laithe cried multiple times throughout the day - at very odd times. And today has been non-stop bickering all. dang. day. The weird thing is that Juniper has been off too. But, I suspect that has a lot to do with finally figuring out how to crawl. Which is exhausting. For everyone.

I suspect the weather has a bit to do with it. Not only our first week of spring storms, but we're (happily) shifting to more outside time and less inside time. Every time we make this major transition it's like we forget how to do it. There's that, ok I want to be outside and playing but what exactly am I supposed to do out here.

This would be a pain to deal with no matter what, but then there's the ok, where does school fit in here? And the inevitable flash of  - crap! we can't take any more days "off" or we'll never get to have a summer break!

Every time though, once I'm done being annoyed that we're having one of those weeks, if I can find the wherewithal to shift gears and focus on the stuff that fills my kids up emotionally and steadies them then we can get back to the usual. And it's always a good reminder that we all need a day or two sometimes to steady ourselves.

Those basics are:
- free art
- sensory focused projects (cornmeal trays, clay, beans in a box. every time i think guthrie will outgrow that stuff i remember that i like playing in it too!)
- reading aloud chapter books
- structured free time
- and no screens (not everyone has the same experience as I do, but I find that when my kids are in the above mood screens mean an increase in fighting and a decrease in kindness. so, i cut them off completely)

I'm constantly grateful that I found so many resources about creating a steady home rhythm when my kids were tiny. I'm glad I listened to the voice that told me this is what my family needs. What I need too!

This afternoon is going loads better after a morning of the above stuff. Tonight is family art night so I'm crossing my fingers we only get a few tears!

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Luci & Loree said...

Crawling?? Really?? Times flies.. bet she is cute... that would be something to put on facebook for all of us that live far, far away.. the 'so big' was really neat-o!!


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