August 31, 2014

Variations on a Theme

I was picking up and packing up some of the kids' artwork to give us a nice empty space to fill up again with school starting this week. My friend Sierra is really good about taking pictures of her kids' art and posting it on her blog and I keep telling myself I should do that. Really, what I want to do is be good about scanning it in to the computer and eventually creating photo books of their art, but yeah.

I'm pretty proud of myself for remembering to snap a few pictures this time!
I could say I'm super thrilled with both kids' fine motor skills development this summer. With Laithe beginning to write--- again without encouragement because when mama encourages it's over --- but really I'm just interested in their art. I always ask them to tell me about their picture and try to refrain from just saying "what is that?" because that's always kind of crushing isn't it? So these are their descriptions.

girl in fancy dress on the grass. {guthrie}
camping with Tegra. {guthrie}
mom at the beach. {guthrie}

girl on a pier. {guthrie}

all of us at a hotel. we have a force field around us to protect us from the volcano (left background) {laithe}

my hotel and a volcano exploding. {laithe}

my hotel on the beach. by the volcano. it's exploding. {laithe}

"oh hey Laithe! Is that the 5 of us camping? Is that our tent?" "Uh no, it's a volcano. We're running." {laithe}

1 comment:

Luci & Loree said...

Kind of worried about u at the beach in flowing green garb, yet standing on a plank, maybe her feelings about u were dubious at the time? yo-ho-ho
And laithe...hmm always running from a volcano??? boys are definately boys, huh???
Great pictures!!! scanned and book later would be so great to have!!!


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